About Us

The mission of Mohican.biz is to provide help those still burdened by student debt, to pay it off, start a new student debt-free life, and stop delaying life-cycle events such as buying a car, purchasing a home, getting married and having children
In order to achieve our mission, we provide the conceptualization, platform, environment, space and tools to help those still encumbered by student debt. If after reading the fundamentals of how this site operates, you agree with the mission and our strategy to accomplish it resonates with you, you should consider registering on Mohican.biz, and telling others in a similar situation to do it as well. To register right now, please click on the corresponding button, and after filling out the information requested your microsite will be created immediately. 

Signing up freelancers will be complemented by approaching potential employers to promote your services, mainly institutions, banks and universities that have a special, strong interest (from the economic and the image point of view) in having ex-students repay their student loans. To send them an unequivocal message, we need student loan debtors to register en masse on our site. This will give us the power and credibility to elicit from potential employers an opportunity in the form of freelancer jobs to be posted on our site, to help you all pay your student debt. Only freelancers owing student debt are invited to register on our site. There is currently neither cost nor any obligation involved.

Any employer can post jobs on Mohican.biz as easily as on any other freelance board, without cost. Furthermore, universities would be inclined to help those ex-students who studied at the particular university pay their student debt, not only because it is good for their image, but also because it can help keep their Cohort Default Rate level (CDR) low. A high CDR can lead to the loss of a great number of federal benefits. 
Economic reasons and certainly a good image are also vital to banks and lending institutions in general, and it can become a valuable component on which to base their regular advertising offering student loans. We will also contribute to that by promoting those who post jobs on our site for free.

Debt Volume and Borrowers
The amount of debt has soared in the aggregate also because many people decided to go back to school after being laid off. The Economist reported in June 2014 that U.S. student loan debt exceeded $1.2 trillion, with over 7 million debtors in default. There are currently about 40 million student debt borrowers with outstanding student loans; that’s equivalent to the total population of Argentina. Delinquency is estimated at $130 billion and much more according to other sources. By registering on our site, Mohican.biz can help make those numbers count. It’s your call.

DISCLOSURE: Mohican.biz has no affiliation with the actual Mohican tribe. It is also not affiliated by ownership with any bank, lender institution, loan recovery company, loan consultancy, loan referral company or government agency related to student loans.