Servicing your student debt has become a very heavy burden affecting your life your family and your cosigner in more ways than one. Or perhaps you are one of the estimated 7 million student loan borrowers currently delinquent.

Depending on the case, student debt affects your credit score, makes it difficult to get a mortgage or buy a car and can force you to postpone getting married and having children. can help you get rid of your student debt if you fulfill certain requirements, listed elsewhere. Among them, you must be able to offer a service on our site and agree to apply at least 25% of the net income you receive through our site to offset part or all of your current student debt. Only those residing in the U.S. permanently and currently owing student debt can register on

Each freelancer will have a microsite accessible with a direct URL, where the relevant information and profile will be presented. The information depicted on the microsite will be pulled from the freelancer’s dashboard which will contain the data required for registration. All the data must be provided to but the disclosure of some data on the microsite is optional. Furthermore, the microsite will be depicted under a screen identity of your choice and an avatar. Your real name will not be shown.


For a limited period of time register now and get a 12 month technical financial budget plan based on a system dynamics model at no cost to you. To view the tutorial click on HELP to find My Super Technical Budget video. After registering on go to HOME>Resources (left sidebar) download the corresponding FORM, fill it out and send it to us ( We will create your personal Super Tech Budget, run it twice and send the report with the results to you over the internet