In a Nutshell

The main characteristics of are:


1) It is a freelance board website created with the specific objective of helping you get rid of student debt. Employers post jobs and freelancers bid for them. Among the particular characteristics, freelancers will have to pay their student debt creditors a 25% mandatory minimum out of the net income received from employers.

2) Any individual or company may register as employer. Furthermore, student loan originators (banks, etc.) as well as colleges and universities of every kind all over the U.S. can be contacted and encouraged to outsource work by posting jobs on These institutions will benefit from getting the job done, and most especially, it will enhance their image dramatically with the media and the public in general. On the one hand they offer the financing and the education at a price, and on the other they help you pay the loan back. A very powerful synergetic combination, unprecedented until now in the U.S. And all this will be achieved without investing one penny, apart of paying the freelancer for the job done.

3) Employers awarding jobs to freelancers will be eligible for free advertising on our site.

4) Only individuals owing student debt may register as freelancers. You must carry a minimum of $5,000 owed to one or more U.S. creditors, public or private. The minimum for those who studied in communnity colleges is set at $2.000.

5) Only freelancers residing permanently in the U.S. may apply. Employers may reside anywhere in the world. This also means that as a freelancer, you will not have any competition on this site from freelancers located in developing countries sending in low cost bids, representing the cost of living in their own countries.

6) Only fixed cost project may be posted. Neither payment per hour nor freelancers’ request for money in advance from employers is permitted.

7) There will be three membership plans, one free. Right now we are only accepting registrations under the free membership plan. 


8) Currently, there is no cost or obligation to register as a freelancer or employer.

9) Employers will not be posting jobs, burying them in an enormous freelance board among thousands of other listings. On employers will get the undivided attention of motivated talented U.S. college/university educated professionals, who are greatly interested in bidding for the job posted and accustomed to U.S. standards and levels of quality.

10) will succeed in helping you pay back your student debt, only if you register now as freelancer. Employers posting jobs on will help ex-students getting rid of their debt burden, and will benefit themselves in many ways including reducing their risk, however small it may be. In the case of colleges and institutions, it will help them keep a low Cohort Default Rate. 


FREE OFFER! For a limited period of time register now and get a 12 month technical financial budget plan based on a system dynamics model at no cost to you. To view the tutorial click on HELP to find My Super Technical Budget video. After registering on go to HOME>Resources (left sidebar) download the corresponding FORM, fill it out and send it to us ( We will create your personal Super Tech Budget, run it twice and send the report with the results to you over the internet.


By registering on you can get for $20 a sophisticated interactive dashboard -a $550 value- to forecast results of your business or venture in real time (see below). By entering the particular data corresponding to your company, the dashboard will generate innumerable “What if” scenarios in real time by simply operating the components. You can view the tutorial here:


Apart of being able to forecast “what if” financial results of your company, you can also use this dashboard to evaluate specific investment projects, as long as the values fall within the ranges especially built in for your company.
This is a great tool to evaluate new plans considered for implementation in your company, test and evaluate current forecasts, strategies and project investments.

The dashboard will be sent to you as a fully functional power point file.

Unless there is a mistake from our part, after the dashboard is sent to the client, the $20 fee is not refundable. One dashboard per client, first come, first served.

Use the PayPal BUY NOW button below to pay the $20.00 fee. After registering on, download from this link (From Interactive Dashboard to Forecast Results) the form you need to fill out and send to us (

Notice to Texas resident ONLY: You don’t have to pay the $20.00 fee. After following the registration procedure and sending us back the filled out form, you will receive the interactive dashboard at no cost.

We will roll out more special offers in the future. You will be able to take advantage of all these special deals as long as you remain registered on which, will give you the possibility of posting jobs for free. Stay tuned!


DISCLOSURE: has no affiliation with the actual Mohican tribe. It is also not affiliated by ownership with any bank, lender institution, loan recovery company, loan consultancy, loan referral company or government agency related to student loans.