Quick Facts

The purpose of this website is based on the clear mission of helping student loan borrowers pay their outstanding student debt. To achieve this, we created this platform where only student debt holders can register as freelancers, and employers can post jobs they need to have done. While any employer can certainly hire freelancers on our site, our objective is to elicit the interest of posting jobs from companies, bank and institutions with “skin in the game”, that is, those carrying student loan debt in their portfolios.

NOTICE: Mohican.biz is fully operational. Employers as well as Freelancers can register, jobs can be posted, awarded and paid. Mochican.biz is an entirely new website, so please let us know about any functionality problem you may find on our site (support@mohican.biz).

We have put together a Q&A comprehensive section which should go a long way answering questions. Should your question or doubt not be included, please contact us by sendiing a mail to: support@Mohican.biz.

Registered freelancers can apply for jobs posted on the site, as follows:

A registered employer will post a project on our board. The post will contain:

o   A title very briefly describing the job

o   Description of the work to be done

o   Supporting files attached, if applicable.

o  Whether the job is open to members nationwide, only to members located in a specific state or city, by invitation only or to be awarded to a particular member only.

o   Some stats about the employer, such as # of projects posted, # of projects paid, total amount paid, locations (city and state), feedback left by freelancers.

o   Name of the employer (First name and first letter of last name.

o   Date when quotes will no longer be accepted

o   Depending on the membership plan, freelancers may contact the employer to ask questions about the project, either privately or on the general board.

o   Only fixed price jobs are allowed.

After the job is awarded, a mutually agreed Independent Contractor Agreement will be uploaded (samples are available on our site under “Resources”).

We will require from employers to pay the full amount of the fee agreed upon, as per the Independent Contractor Agreement.

When the job is completed and delivered to the employer’s satisfaction, the freelancer will receive the net amount, after fees and the mandatory minimum payment to the student debt creditor are deducted.