Q & A

What is Mohican.biz?

Mohican.biz is a site to help you get rid of that unwieldy, suffocating burden called student debt. Ours is a brand new, specialized site that will work closely with student loan debtors to help them break free from their debt burden.

Is this a site to acquire, refinance or consolidate student loans, or provide advice on how to choose the best loan?

Absolutely not. Mohican.biz is also not a charity site. The purpose of Mohican.biz is to help you pay off your current student debt by offsetting it partially or totally with the proceeds of the sale of services you are able to offer through our site.

What is the difference between Mohican.biz and other sites volunteering help by offering loans, loan deferment, loan consolidation or refinancing of student loans?

There is a difference, and it is a huge one. Those sites you refer to (scams excluded) will simply postpone the crushing problem affecting you and your family, generating a questionable solution. We, on the other hand, will help you eliminate the debt outright, without creating new debt. You do the math.

How is Mohican.biz different from other freelancer boards?

There are huge differences. To start with, ours is a niche site with a platform catering only to freelancers still carrying student loans.
Instead of an employer posting a job, burying it in an enormous freelance board among other thousands of listings, in Mohican.biz it will get the undivided attention of motivated talented college/university educated professionals, greatly interested in bidding for the job posted. Absolutely all the freelancers registered on our site must reside in the U.S., have been educated in the U.S. and are accustomed to U.S. standards and levels of quality. From the point of view of the freelancer, he/she will be participating in a site where there will be no competition from freelancers from Asia and other Third World regions ready to bid low prices, according to life cost standards prevalent in the countries where they are located.

Finally, the fact that Mohican.biz is a pro-active site, as described elsewhere, makes a big difference compared to all other freelance boards, which will essentially charge you just for participating and bidding for jobs. We promote your services actively and intensively with potential employers, particularly with those who have "skin in the game" using Warren Buffett's characterization.

What about donations?

Anyone may decide to donate a certain amount of money to one or more particular freelancer registered on Mohican.biz. In such case, 100% of the amount donated must be applied to partially or totally offset student debt. There is no transaction fee from our part charged on donations.
After the donor gets in contact with us telling us who the recipient(s) should be, we will contact the freelancer(s) as well as the creditor(s) when applicable, and advise them about the donation and the amount of it; the donor will transfer the funds directly to the creditor(s).

Can you guarantee members will be able to pay off their student debt?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide guarantees of any kind.

Who are the employers hiring members?

Any company or individual needing to outsource work is a potential employer, as is the case with any other traditional freelancer board. They may be any bank, company or individual interested in what you offer and/or your particular profile. In the particular case of Mohican.biz they may also be state, federal and private institutions and banks lending student loans and yes, even those holding your particular student loan. These are the ones we characterize as having “skin in the game”.
We may add that we envision some of your own relatives as employers, trying to help, while getting value for their money in the process.

Can anyone participate in Mohican's community?

To post messages in the various forums you must be registered on Mohican.biz, either as an employer or freelancer.

Do you review and/or provide advice to employers and freelancers on the Independent Contractor Agreement ruling the execution of the job awarded by the employer to the freelancer, NDA or any other document?

No. We make available generic samples of various documents for review, which can be adapted according to the negotiations between the employer and the freelancer. However, this is an agreement strictly between employer and freelancer. We are not part of said agreement and do not provide any kind of legal advice. It is up to the employer and freelancer to decide on whether to use the samples.

Where can I turn to get answers to my specific questions?

You can either post your question in the appropriate forum in the site community, or contact support@mohican.com. As already mentioned, you must be registered either as a freelancer or employer to participate in the forums.

What type of membership plans are available?

There are two paid membership plans ("Tomahawk" and "Spear") and one free plan ("Knife"). Right now we are accepting free (Knife) memberships only. We will promote and advertise intensively, unremittingly and with unflagging resolve the services of our freelancer members among potential employers, nationwide. Your success will be our success

NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel or deny membership to any employer, individual or company, at our sole discretion.

Is Mohican.biz currently fully live?

Yes. Our site is currently operating on beta . However, it is fully functional, that is, freelancers can register, create their microsite including the services to be offered and much more. Employers can register as well, being able to post, award and pay for jobs. To register, either click on the EMPLOYER or FREELANCER button on the HOME page.

Should I register as freelancer right now?

Yes, indeed. We have three membership plans, one free and two more at cost, each carrying a special number of benefits and features. Right now we are only accepting members under our free plan (Knife). We will devote all our efforts to promote the service and products offered by those already registered under knife. What this means is that those registering now will benefit from most of the features, as if they were registered under the highest level paying membership plan (Spear). This will last for a limited period of time (For obvious reasons, some features will not be available, like for example, showcasing the bid.
In short, it pays to register now.


What do I risk by becoming a freelancer member of Mohican.biz right now?

Frankly, it is hard to see any downside potential to the decision of registering today and becoming a member. As of now, there is neither a registration cost nor any obligation involved and for a limited period of time you will enjoy the full features and benefits, normally exclusive to our paid membership plans. It may help you partially or totally get rid of your student debt, once and for all. You may also choose to terminate your membership at any time, without any cost and at your sole discretion. Thus, you should ask yourself a question: What do I have to lose?


As a freelancer, do I have to provide the account number and name of my bank at the time of registration?

No, however you will have to link a bank account, the latest when you are awarded a contract using our payment platform. We currently work with Dwolla (no cost to you) and PayPal (PayPal fees will be paid by you), who will need to verify your means of payment. We do not store financial data; this is done by Dwolla and PayPal.

In the event that you don’t have a verified account where money can be sent to you, we will have to hold the funds until your account is verified. We suggest you contact PayPal or Dwolla as soon as possible in order to fulfill this requirement and avoid delays.

Must employers reside in the U.S.?

No, but they must fulfill the same requirements as any other employer residing in the U.S

I still have student debt but did not finish my studies. Can I become a member?

Yes, you can.

I am about to begin my studies and while I will need a student loan, I haven't acquired one yet. Can I become a member and participate on your site right now?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Only those who currently carry a student loan can become members of Mohican.biz.

I acquired a student loan and am still studying. Can I become a member?

Yes, you can.

I finished school a long time ago but still have student debt. Can I become a member?

Yes, you can. Neither time since finishing studies nor age play any role. What does is the fact that you are a U.S. college/university educated individual, still carry student loan debt and have services to offer for a fee.

I don't have student debt but do have credit card debt. Can I become a member?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. This is a site exclusively for those individuals who still owe money on their student loans.

Can employees (government, private companies) become members?

Yes, but only if they owe student debt and have a service to offer, plus fulfill the other general conditions.

As a freelancer, do I have to reside in the U.S. to become a member?

Yes. We can only accept freelancer members residing permanently in the U.S who originally received a student loan from a private or U.S. government institution.

I still owe student debt, but I'm not a U.S. citizen. Can I become a member?

You don't have to be a U.S. citizen to be a member, but you have to reside permanently in the U.S. legally (as in possession of what is known as a green card in good standing issued by U.S. authorities), have attended school, college or university in the U.S., have student debt outstanding and in general fulfill all the other requirements.

Can I become a member if I am unemployed?

Yes, indeed.

Can I become a member even if I am currently delinquent in my student loan?

Yes, you can. By some estimates, there are about 7 million other ex-students in your same situation. In such a case, we will also help provide information when you contact your creditor, in the form of a letter to your creditors (see Resources after you register).

What are the conditions to become a freelancer member?

  • You must currently owe at least $5,000 in student debt acquired in the U.S. anytime in the past; this refers to debt currently outstanding and not to the original student loan amount. There is no upward limit. This $5,000 minimum may be the total owed in case you have more than one creditor. For those who studied at community colleges, the minimum owed is set at $2,000
  • Have a service to offer for a price.
  • Agree to apply at least 25% of the net income you receive through our site to offset part or all your current student debt.


Provide some details such as:

All the information depicted on your microsite will appear under your screen identity (not your real name). We will release your real name (only the first name and first letter of the last name) when you apply for a project.

Choose a payment method from those available (Dwolla, PayPal) and provide the information they need to verify your account


Agree with our Terms and Conditions


NOTE: Please keep in mind that as soon as you register, your microsite will be created and will be searchable by anyone, including potential employers. It is also important to understand that your microsite will not include your real name or address, only your screen identity of your choice.

How much does it cost to become a member of Mohican.biz?

There are three membership plans:

  • Knife (free)
  • Tomahawk (Price to be determined)
  • Spear (Price to be determined)

View the matrix for membership plans comparison. 

What are the fees for freelancer members?

Apart of the membership fee (where applicable), there is a job or transaction fee calculated on the total amount paid to the freelancer member. After the job is delivered and the transaction is completed, we will transfer to you the net balance of the transaction to your bank using Dwolla, which will be free of processing costs, or use PayPal, if you choose this means of payment: PayPal will charge you a processing fee.

Isn't the job transaction fee a bit too high?

There are other traditional freelancer boards charging 15%, plus paid membership plans. Others still break down their fees into various services, which in the aggregate end up amounting to 15% or more. Furthermore, there are other boards charging 20% fee. In addition, we deploy a pro-active service which includes actively promoting our freelancers with potential clients, that adds a cost which is not charged separately to the freelancer.

Why is it mandatory to pay my student debt creditor a minimum of 25% of my income?

You can certainly also register on other freelancer boards where you can manage your income anyway you prefer, but Mohican’s mission is to help you pay your student debt. While any employer may post jobs, we want to also and especially attract employers with “skin in the game”; that is, institutions and banks carrying student loans in their portfolios. A mandatory minimum 25% of the net income to be paid out to them directly by us will encourage them to post jobs on Mohican.biz.

Can I decide to pay more than the 25% to my student loan creditor out of the net proceeds I receive?

You can decide to pay your creditor any percentage between 25% and 100% of your net proceeds. 

Can I change the percentage to be applied towards my student loan?

You will begin by stating on your dashboard and microsite the percentage you are prepared to apply (25% mandatory minimum), which you can change anytime while there is no activity on your account. However, once an employer awards you a contract to perform work, you are not allowed to change this percentage, except upwards.  


The percentage you chose will be calculated on the net amount you receive, after our fee and other charges, (if applicable) were deducted. Also, we will pay your current creditor directly  the amount of money equivalent to the percentage you chose. 

I have more than one creditor; how much will each one get?

You need to provide us with instructions regarding what percentage of your net income will be paid out to each creditor. Should you for any reason fail to provide us with this information, we will then pay each creditor the same amount each out of your net income.

How will payments made to my creditor affect my current repayment agreement with the holder of my student loan debt?

Mohican will pay your loan holder directly the corresponding amounts derived from the net income freelancers receive at the time they are generated. It is up to freelancers to negotiate with their creditor any modification in the current particular repayment plan.

Will I have the option to pay my student debt creditor directly?

This is not possible. We will transfer the corresponding funds directly to them.

An employer is requesting from me to disclose my full name, date of birth, full address and social security number. Should I provide this information?

Absolutely not. This applies, but is not limited to, an employer you may have worked with earlier. There is no reason for an employer to request this information. Please immediately report this case to us: support@mohican.com

Must the service offered be related to the studies I performed at college/college/university?

Not necessarily. The service can be related to any branch of business, as long as it is legal and you are proficient in what you offer. The idea is for you to pay off the student debt with the means you have now, and start a new student debt-free life!

How can I improve my chances of selling my services through Mohican.biz?

Employers may choose your offering over others depending on various factors, such as but not limited to the following:


  • The perceived quality of what you offer


  • The uniqueness of your service


  • The college/university where you studied


  • The particular creditor holding your student debt


  • Your location


  • The pricing and conditions


  • Your availability to complete the service in a short period of time.


  • The percentage of proceeds you are willing to apply to offset your loan. For example, some employers may be more inclined to hire your service over others offering something similar if you are willing to apply more than the 25% mandatory minimum of the proceeds for that purpose. This would likely be the case if the employer is also the holder of your student loan.


  • Ask your friends and relatives to consider your services should they require something done. This is a good measure to resort to, many times overlooked. 

NOTE: It is important to mention unambiguously that as a freelancer on our site, you are NOT begging for help from anyone. You are a professional who put in the effort, the time and the investment to get an education, and are proud for having done so. You are now simply looking for opportunities to offer your services at cost, to pay back your student loan. In some cases you may not have completed all your studies at different levels, but the fact is that you were educated in the U.S. college/university system and may possess extensive experience in the areas of interest.

What kind of information about me will employers have access to?

Anyone including potential employers can browse all the microsites, even before registering. Said information will show your screen identity (plus an avatar of your choice, logo or a photo of yourself), and not your real name. Your real name will be disclosed at your discretion when an employer contacts you to discuss the possibility of awarding a job. However, your real name (only first name and first letter of your last name) and contact data will be released by us automatically when you apply for a specific project posted by an employer. The microsite will show the basic information and the data you agreed to be disclosed.

I would like to show an image of myself. Is this possible?

Yes, indeed. The place to do this is your particular microsite. You can insert your photo by uploading it as your screen ID avatar.

What information will my microsite contain?

The microsite will showcase you, the services you offer and your circumstances. It will contain information such as:


  • Your screen identity
  • City and state where you are located, pinpointed on a U.S. map.
  • Current student loan amount owed (requires your authorization).
  • Name of the creditor holding your loan in its books (requires your authorization).
  • University where you studied, which led to your student loan (requires your authorization).
  • Information on the studies you performed (My Credentials).
  • Write-up describing your proficiency and experience (My Experience).
  • Your sales pitch in an audio file. You can record it in your own voice and upload it to our site, which may be ideal in order for the employer to hear what you can do, in your own words and voice. This option can be selected from the freelancer’s dashboard. We suggest an audio message lasting about 30 seconds.
  • Rating given by clients
  • The portfolio of jobs completed, plus feedback
  • Total amount earned
  • Total amount of student debt paid


NOTE: Once you apply for a project, your proposal as well as all the information shown on your microsite will be tied to your real name (first name and first letter of your last name) and your address (city and state only).

How will a microsite look like?

At the time of registering you will go to your dashboard (freelancer) and enter the required information to create your full profile. The microsite will pull information from your profile to create your particular microsite. We have designed the microsites as attractive interactive dashboards, which are very easy to navigate, offering the relevant information at a glance Employers will access what they need by a simple click of the mouse

Your microsite will be individually searchable on Google and other search engines. Registred Employers will also be able to search for potential hires using search filters, pulling the information available on the microsites.

Below you can view a static image of a fictitious microsite (They will all be interactive)


Who sets the price of the services?

You do. You can also negotiate with the employer and make pricing decisions on your own. When doing this, please take into consideration the applicable fees you will pay.

Can I charge a per hour fee for my work?

This is not possible. The quote you establish for your work to be paid by the employer must be a fixed amount. Whether it was put together by you based on estimated hours of work required is not relevant. You will not be paid by the hour; only fixed price work is allowed.

Can I as a freelancer member request to be paid money in advance on a project before I start working on it?

Unfortunately, this practice is not permitted. In the event that both parties agreed as per the contract uploaded to our site on certain milestones, the employer will pay the agreed amounts of money after the milestones are reached and the work performed is to the employer’s satisfaction.

The employer who contacted me wants me to start working on his project before awarding me the job. Should I accept?

No. The employer will pay the full value of the job once the job is awarded to you and the Independent Contractor Agreement is uploaded to our site. If you start working before this occurs, you may risk not getting paid by an unscrupulous employer, and we will not be able to help you.

The employer is offering me to work outside Mohican.biz.

This is against our rules, terms and conditions and may be cause to terminate the employer’s account at our site, as well as yours if you accept the offer. You will also not receive client feedback, important to helping you land a job. Furthermore, payment for your work may be at risk. Please contact support@mohican.biz to report this.

Can I be an employer if I also owe student debt?

Yes, you can, as long as you understand that all the corresponding conditions apply. Also, when registering as an employer, you will have to do so using a email address, user name and password different to those in your freelancer account.

How will my particular service appear on Mohican.biz?

You will have your own interactive microsite within Mohican.biz where you will be able to describe your offering and other details. The type of services will be divided in categories. Depending on what you offer, it will appear under the corresponding category. Below, you can view a static image of a fictitious microsite.

Can I offer services in different categories?

Yes, you can.

I studied Law, but have never been active in said profession. Should I offer legal services consulting?

It is of the very essence to understand that you are allowed to offer services in any area, as long as you are proficient in it. If you are not, it will only bring you trouble, including problems with your employer, who may refuse to pay for subpar services. These types of situations will not help you pay off your student debt and neither will bad feedback.

As a member, why must I disclose on my microsite the name of my creditor and the amount of student debt I still owe?

It is optional. On the other hand employers may look to hire freelancers owing student a certain level of debt, ot to a specific creditor or those who studied at a specific school, college or university. Should you choose not to disclose this information, your microsite will not appear when employers filter their search by amount owed, school/college/university or creditor institution holding student loan debt in their portfolio, for example. Furthermore, by enabling  this filter, it is also possible that your very same creditor may be interested in hiring you, considering it would speed up payment of the loan they are carrying. Why hire someone else to do a particular job that needs to be done, when hiring you will kill two birds with one stone?


In any event, keep in mind that should you choose to disclose this information, you will appear on your microsite with a screen identity (not your real name) of your choice. Once a potential employer is interested in your offer and contacts, you may choose to disclose your real name, at your sole discretion. On the other hand, when you send a proposal to a particular employer, as explained, it will automatically include your real name (first name and only first letter of your last name), address (city and state only) plus the information disclosed on your microsite.


It is important to note, however, that you must provide the name, address and website of your creditor(s) to us, which we may use to corroborate that you are indeed eligible to be a member of our site, by contacting your creditor(s) and also to promote your services.


You also need to keep in mind that a percentage of your net income to be received by you will be applied to pay your student loan to your creditor(s), which we will do directly. In case there is a discrepancy in the data you originally provided to us regarding your creditor(s), we will be forced to withhold the amount corresponding to the percentage you agreed to apply to pay your student debt, until the issue is clarified. We can only release these funds to pay your creditor holding your student debt.


Should you need it, you can obtain full information on your loan from the Department of Education’s central database for student aid https://www.nslds.ed.gov/nslds_SA. Here, you can get information about what kind of loan you have, as well as loan or grant amounts, outstanding balances, loan status, and disbursements. Information regarding defaulted student loans: https://www.myeddebt.com/borrower

What about statements?

Due to the uncomplicated type of transactions, the freelancer’s dashboard will show how much they sold and the amount of student debt paid. This information will also be shown on freelancers’ microsites.

The dashboard of freelancers and employers will offer more information.

Is there any limitation related to my geographical location within the U.S.?

No. However, a particular employer may -for his/her own reasons- prefer to hire a freelancer located in a particular state or city. 

Must I list the service I offer as an individual, or may I do it using my company?

You must list your offering as an individual (the person owing the student loan). But you may deliver the service and receive payment as a company, and have your net income deposited in your company bank account.

What about taxes?

You are responsible for paying taxes on your income. 

What is a billing code?

It is the number we assign to all employers registered with us.

As a freelancer, what guarantee do I have that I will be paid after I performed and deliver my work?

Once the employer awards a job to the freelancer and the corresponding Independent Contractor Agreement is uploaded to our site, the total fee or milestone agreed will be paid by the employer, using either Dwolla (no transaction cost) or PayPal (plus their transaction cost). We will hold the funds in an account we call Wallet until the work is completed. Once the work is delivered to the employer satisfaction, we will disburse the net amount to the freelancer from the Wallet less our fee, and pay the freelancer's creditor the percentage agreed of the net amount received for the work. 

This procedure will work flawlessly in most cases; however, it cannot ultimately guarantee that the member will be paid under all circumstances (due to improper charge backs for example), nor are we able to provide an unequivocal guarantee to that effect. Also, as explained elsewhere, employers may notify us of their decision to dispute the payment, and request our arbitration on the issue, which can result in a case where the freelancer will not be paid for his/her work if we reach the conclusion that the service provided was not performed as per the instructions delivered by the employer and/or the contract signed between both parties.

Should negotiations fail and the case go to arbitration, there is currently a $35 or 3% (whichever greater) fee for our arbitration services which will be deducted from the job fee agreed upon by both parties.

The bottom line is that the“Independent Contractor Agreement represent a transaction between freelancers and employers. Our company is not a party to any service contracts between both parties. Our goal is to provide the platform, space and means for both parties to find each other, and set the procedures and rules to be followed by both parties in order to facilitate the transaction. 

Can you describe a typical transaction for a freelancer?

A person or a company becomes interested in your offering and contacts you by clicking on the Contact button on your microsite. We recommend that your answer as well as all further message exchanges be posted on your microsite. Conversely, you may apply for a job posted by a registered employer.


Once both parties agree on the pricing and conditions, and the employer awards the job, an Independent Contractor Agreement (examples are available on our site under “Resources”) will be uploaded to our site, which will rule the transaction. After the Independent Contractor Agreement is uploaded, the employer must pay to us the full amount quoted by the freelancer and we will park the funds in an account we call “Wallet”.


Once the decision to hire you is made, the employer will automatically release the billing code to the freelancer, who will invoice the employer when the time comes.


When the work is delivered to her satisfaction, the employer will go to her dashboard and accept the release of funds. At that point, and  barring any dispute, we will release the net amount to the freelancer, paying it from the employer’s “Wallet” account


You and the employer can leave feedback on each other.

Can you describe how a typical transaction would originate?

Anyone, including potential employers, may browse the microsites of our freelancer members to look for potential hires.

Once ready, a registered employer will post a project on our board. The post will contain:


  • A title very briefly describing the job
  • Description of the work to be done
  • Supporting files attached, if applicable.
  • Whether the job is open to members nationwide, only to members located in a specific state or city, by invitation only or to be awarded to a particular member only.
  • Some stats about the employer, such as the number of projects posted, number of projects paid, etc..
  • Name of the employer (only first name and the first letter of the last name)
  • Date when quotes will no longer be accepted
  • Q&A Board


Depending on the membership plan, freelancers may contact the employer to ask questions about the project, either privately or on the general board.

How will disputes between employer and members be resolved?

The first step is to establish communication, depict the granular details of the work and the agreement signed, and engage in negotiations. We will evaluate the evidence presented by both sides (within four days after the request is made), and rule. The ruling will be final.

Can I cancel a job I had been awarded?

The first thing you need to do if you must cancel a job is to contact your employer and explain the situation. Additionally, if some work was already performed, you may want to negotiate with the employer a partial payment corresponding to the part of the job already done by you if any, whether it was delivered or not. You will also contact us to let us know about your negotiation. Once you reach an agreement, we will pay you the amount agreed upon net of other charges, deducting it from the amount the employer originally paid. We will then proceed to transfer the remaining money to the employer.

What happens if, as a freelancer member, I still owe a residual amount of $1,000 on my student loan, agree to apply 100% to pay off my student loan, and a job entails a fee of $1,200?

In such a case we will deduct our fee, for the sake of the example, of 15% ($180), release $1,000 directly to your student loan creditor and deposit the remaining $20 in your bank account by direct deposit, or PayPal account. In the example, we are not taking into account any other fee. In this case, you will finally be rid of student debt!

How does it work when I offer to apply 25% of the proceeds of the sale of my service, and I am paid, say, $600?

Departing from the same premises as in the previous example, we would deduct our fee amounting to $90, transfer $128 (25% of the net to be received by you, rounded to the next decimal) to the institution holding your student debt and deposit the remaining $383 in your bank account. In the example, we are not taking into account any other fee.  All this will be executed through our payments platform.

Can I stay as an active member of Mohican.biz after I paid 100% of my student loan?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The reason is that this is a site created exclusively to cater for the needs of those individuals owing money on their student loans. Allowing the participation of individuals who don’t have outstanding student debt, or have paid it off in full, would become a distraction, as they may attract the interest of employers, which we want to reserve for those still servicing their student debt.

You may, however, remain active on the site, but participating as an employer only.

As a freelancer member, can I remain participating on your site once my outstanding student debt falls below the $5,000 minimum set to be eligible to become a member?

Yes, you can because you originally became a member owing $5,000 ($2,000 for community colleges alumni) or more on your student debt. After all, we strive to help you be completely student debt-free!

How would potential employers learn about the services offered?

Employers will learn of our site through various advertisement means. We will approach a great number of potential clients, such as federal institutions, banks, and companies, including those which may hold your particular student loan. This is apart from performing other advertising efforts promoting our site and its members. 


Apart of all the above, you may also on your own advertise with friends and family the services you offer on our site.


NOTE: As soon as you register, your microsite will be automatically created and will be accessible to anyone visiting Mohican.biz. It will also be searchable on Google.com or any other search engine.

As an employer, why would I post a job on Mohican.biz instead of other well-known freelancer boards?

There are a few considerations you should evaluate, such as:


  • On a large freelancer board, your job post would be buried in a huge list among thousands of others.


  • Colleges and universities hiring alumni registered on our site as freelancers owing student debt will help them keep a low Cohort Default Rate level, thus avoiding the possible loss of eligibility for federal student aid, a particular concern among for-profit schools where such aid is their lifeblood. These types of penalties have even caused some institutions to close down.


  • As an individual or company, you would be hiring college/university educated individuals trained under the U.S. educational system and standards, only.


  • As a bank offering student loans hiring freelancers carrying student debt, you will not only enable borrowers to speed up loan repayment, but it will go a long way building an image of a responsible lender for yourself by not only offering loans but also providing real, concrete means by which to pay them back. This is until now, an unprecedented synergetic combination in the U.S.


  • All freelancers registered on Mohican.biz will pay their creditors a mandatory 25% minimum on their net income.


  • Lenders hiring our freelancer members will receive free advertising on our site for a period of time, plus its name and website will also be depicted on the microsites of those freelancers they hired. This can lead to a dramatic enhancement of the institution's images involved in the student loan business and elicit good media reviews.


  • Ultimately, hiring a freelancer registered on our site will get you a similar value as hiring a freelancer from any other board, but with all the differences mentioned above. Why then not give them preference?

What would be included in the bids from freelancers for the job I posted?

You will receive the bids which will include information such as the name (first name and first letter of the last name) and address (city and state only) of the freelancer, the bid amount and a link to the freelancer’s microsite.

I am an employer. What filters are available to search for specific information?

Due to the characteristics and specific purpose of this site, employers may be inclined to hire members depending on their particular profile and circumstances. Thus the following filters will be available:

  • Category (type of service offered)
  • College or university where they studied (leading to the student loan)
  • Amount of student loan outstanding
  • Name of current student debt creditor(s)
  • Geographical location of the freelancer (city and state only)
  • Percentage of the net proceeds to be applied towards the loan
  • Total amount earned until now
  • Total amount paid so far towards the loan

How am I protected as an employer?

There are essentially two elements in place:


  • The freelancer member will be paid once the work has been delivered to the employers’ satisfaction.


  • Should the employer not be satisfied with the work delivered and is not able to arrive to an agreement with the freelancer, the employer will have the option of filing a dispute request asking us to arbitrate on the case.


Requesting payment in advance (partial or total) for work to be performed is not allowed. Both parties may negotiate partial milestone payments corresponding to the work completed until then. 

Must all employers need to be registered with Mohican.biz?

Yes. To participate and award work (contract) an employer must be registered on our site.

As an employer, when do I have to register with Mohican.biz the means of payment I will use to pay for work done by freelancers?

It is not mandatory for you to register a means of payment at the time of registration. However, once you awarded a job and the Independent Contractor Agreement has been uploaded to our site, you will choose either PayPal or Dwolla) to pay the full fee for the job or milestone.

As an employer, do I have to pay for posting a job?

While there is no fee for posting a job, we will offer employers optional services, such as to showcase their work offers, plus other options, at cost.

What are the applicable fees for employers?

There is no registration fee and they can post work for free. After the work is completed and delivered to the employer’s satisfaction, the agreed upon fee will be released to the freelancer according to the contract signed by both parties. Additionally, to pay for the job fee 

employers will pay a processing fee if they chose PayPal (depending on whether the card used is local or foreign) which needs to be added to the fee. There will be no processing fee if payment is made using Dwolla by direct deposit (only in the U.S.), which we strongly recommend due to reasons of cost and easiness of procedure.

Once the work is completed to the employer’s satisfaction, Mohican will pay the freelancer the net amount. The funds we received from the employer will be deposited in a cash account, which we call “Wallet”. The freelancer will be paid out of this account. Employers may leave funds in their “Wallet” account. The funds parked in your “Wallet” account will not earn any interest.

Will employers pay freelancers directly?

No, all payment will be made through us. Once the employer is satisfied with the work, the employer will go to her dashboard on our site and release the agreed amount. We will then proceed to pay the freelancer the corresponding net amount. Anyone requesting to be paid directly should be reported to us (support@Mohican.biz).

On average, what kind of level of qualification can I expect from the freelancer members registered on Mohican.biz?

First of all, it should be mentioned that all the freelancer members of our site have studies including academic credentials, and that is why they got a student loan in the first place. Their academic credentials are complemented with various levels of experience. In some cases, the freelancer member of our site may have decades of experience related to the job of interest. We must keep in mind that about 17% of the total student debt is held by professionals between 40-49 years of age, while 12% of the total is owed by college and university educated individuals of 50-59 years of age.

There are certainly many professionals who have chosen an activity different to their original studies, but that does not change the fact that they are college/university educated in the U.S. We could categorize freelance member participating at Mohican.biz as a motivated and elite group of professionals.

Can I cancel a job I have already awarded?

The first thing you need to do if you must cancel a job is to contact your freelancer and explain the situation. Additionally, if some work was already done, you need to negotiate with the freelancer a partial payment corresponding to the part of the job already done for you, whether it was delivered or not. You will also contact us to let us know about your negotiation. Once you reach an agreement, we will pay the freelancer the amount agreed upon net of other charges, deducting it from the funds you originally paid into your Wallet account, We will proceed to transfer the remaining money to you.

What happens if I don't agree with the work delivered by the freelancer?

You will inform the freelancer about your concerns and proceed to negotiate with him or her with the expectation of reaching a satisfactory agreement. Should negotiations fail and the case go to arbitration, there is currently a  3% or $35 (whichever greater) fee for our arbitration services which will be deducted from the job fee agreed upon by both parties.


Important. The Independent Contractor Agreement agreed by both parties and uploaded to our site is the document ruling the business relationship between employer and freelancer. In the event of an arbitration case, it will be an element of crucial importance, pivotal in any decision.